Hello! I am the Vice President of Tam Song Fan Club, Biana&Tam, you can call me Tiana, Tammy, or Bam. As you can see, I am very obsessed with Tam, and welcome! The President of this fan club is Ella, the founder of this wiki! On this wiki, you can share your pictures, fanfics, OCs, and more! It's a wiki for fun with everything related to the Songs. You are welcome to join this fan club, and I will be here to help you when you have any questions/comments/concerns! Enjoy your exploring here! Please remember to be nice! No rude comments!

A quote by Tam Song:

My registry pendant, actually. I melted down the chain after I ripped off the crystal and threw it in my father's face. Now if I ever face him again, he'll see exactly how little I miss living in his glittering prison.” Tam, Neverseen.

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